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  • Project Consultancy

    We provide customized solutions, project planning, implementation and manufacture to our customers.

  • Designing

    Engineering design of power transmission solution, mainly in Control & Automation System. Production and projects in Engineering sector.

  • Assembling Equipment

    Electrical equipment installation and panel assembly correspond to finalized design by technical team.


    Supervision on site retrofication, erection of components. Upgrade of current system for better functionality.


Project planning, management, implementation, manufacturing of electrical distribution system, mainly secondary unit substation, ranging from 11kV to 500kV. Knowing the products and system requirements well, we have a great team of experienced engineers to provide the best solutions and quality design.

Projects & manufactures include

  • Control & Relay panel
  • Remote Tap Changer Control(RTCC)
  • Remote Control Box(RCB)/Remote Switching Panel(RSP)
  • Metering Panel
  • Gas Insulated Switchgear Substation (GIS)


Our company provides engineering design of customer-specified solutions in the power generation, regulated with Promis.e – Benley system, all-inclusive of qualified templates and libraries for desired modules, structures and design interface.

Our engineering design services are based on the scheme below:

  • Conceptual drawing – system overview, internal arrangement, AC & DC distribution, circuitry arrangement.
  • Schematic drawing –  components, wiring, and cable block diagram.
  • Detailed Calculations of AC & DC load distribution, Current  & Voltage Transformer load ratio
  • Inspection and Test Plan for each kind of panel
  • Operation manual, maintenance guide, and installation procedures (if required)


We specialize in supply of metal panel, equipped with laser cutting to powder coating, and completed with electrical wiring arrangement, all according to client’s standards and specification. Our technical team provides the best quality of works in due time.

Retrofitting and erection of equipment and components at site.


Project management services, supervision of electrical erection work at site, such as electrical equipment installation, defect testing and commissioning.

On-site modifications, system extensions and upgrading of stations if necessary is also covered in our service range. Hence, we are equipped with our expertise in respond of quick changes in detailed designs.

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